F.A.T.T. (Fob-All-The-Things) is open source hardware/software access systems project for makerspaces. Read more

Lastest Storties and Projects

How to blow up a mag-lock… and what we learned

September 10, 2019

  A joy of electronics is burning out components.  Always buy extra. I burned out a magnetic lock unit while working with an implementation of… Read more

django REST framework

Resources for creating an API for FATT

August 29, 2019

During recent conversations on FATT Slack Channels, the topic of creating the server-side end of things came up. For those of us not imursed in… Read more

two button laser cut wood box

2 Button Basic Box Enclosure

August 3, 2019

This box is designed to be house a prototype for a mains power device, namely a 12v IKEA task light. Material: Quarter-inch plywood, Russian birch… Read more

Hope and dreams from NOMCON 2019

June 19, 2019

There were two FATT sessions at NOMCON this year supported by an exhibit table and interactive boxes throughout the conference center. During the very full… Read more



June 17, 2019

The FATT Experience at NOMCON Fun interactive access point devices were placed throughout the conference, including: 3 LED light sculptures 2 Digital Magic 8-Balls 2… Read more


January 3, 2019

The FATT Project started under that name in 2016 at Ace Monster Toys Makerspace (AMT) in Oakland, California. But really solving the access problem has… Read more